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Sigma dp1 Merrill in Virginia


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After finishing up my prior years travel albums (see various threads below) I've been using my older dp1 Merrill camera around locally in Virginia. The dp1Merrill is the widest of the dpMerrill cameras, with a fine matched lens as its 19mm length (19x1.5 crop factor = 28.5 full frame equivalent) Here are a few photos, more mixed in on my photostream at flickr or most easily seen in the dp1Merrill 2023 album https://www.flickr.com/photos/sandyfleischmann/albums/72177720310448190

53105983794_6721617d44_h.jpgSDIM0483 Sigma dp1Merrill Shenandoah Natl. Park VA by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

53113649816_69a3879c12_h.jpgSDIM0555 Sigma dp1Merrill +? Ricoh .75 wide extender by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

53127488926_5bb115cbae_h.jpgSDIM0597 Sigma dp1Merrill OCC JPEG by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

53127934848_542ada377b_h.jpgSDIM0600 Sigma dp1Merrill Big black cloud over Meadowlark by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

53124162310_b497533def_h.jpgSDIM0619 dlnavgmeternor#s by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

Lots more photos online in the first album link, note especially the Korean Bell Garden photos at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens park. All photos taken in Vienna Virginia, near Washington DC
The Ricoh GW-3 .75 widening extender attachment screws onto the dp1Merrill's 49mm threads just like a conventional filter attachs. It widens the image from an equivalent approximately 28mm image to approximately 21mm. I'll upload two views, without and then with the attachment. I've selected a small size to show them. Both images are in large sizes on flickr. The attachment does not seem to degrade the image.
Here is without the Ricoh attachment
53119852603_550b580f1c_c.jpgSDIM0680 Sigma dp1Merrill Meadowlark Botanical Gardens by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

and then WITH the attachment

53119770410_9e9bba5a8a_c.jpgSDIM0683 Sigma dp1Merrill w/Ricoh GW-3 .75 wide extender attachment by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr

In my dp1Merrill album on flickr you can also see images of the Vienna Virginia red train caboose, with and without the Ricoh attachment.