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Epson Stylus Photo R3000

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It's now almost 10 years since Epson launched the Stylus Photo 2100. The SP2100 was an instant success due to its use of long lasting UltraChrome pigment inks which claimed a life of 200+ years. Many photographers were now ready to move out of the darkroom and fully embrace digital photography. The SP2100 set a new benchmark for digital photo printing. The quality of photos that this printer could produce was excellent: traditional wet chemistry process now had a serious rival. The SP2100 remained the de-facto choice that every serious photographer wanted. This was replaced some three years later by the R2400, followed by the R2800 and R2880. Other dye-ink based printers were also launched during this time, but for archival printing the only option is to use a pigment ink printer.

Epson has added another A3+ printer the R3000. This is not a replacement to the much-loved R2880, but comes in addition to Epson's professional line up that includes the R3880 A2 printer. The R3000 is aimed both at the professional and advanced hobbyist photographer who may want to produce a short print runs or limited edition prints.

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