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  1. DrLex

    Carrion Crow

    Usually they get suspicious within 10 seconds of someone coming closer and aiming a camera at them, and will fly away, but this one didn't seem to mind.
  2. DrLex

    European Robin singing

    It often sits in this tree next to my window, producing a very nice song, even late in the evening when it's almost dark. It's a very shy bird and will fly away at the slightest movement, so I had to open the window extremely slowly and make no sudden movements with the camera to get these photos.
  3. DrLex

    Pensive crow

  4. Common Chaffinch

    Common Chaffinch

    Improved version compared to the one previously posted
  5. Panting Crows

    Panting Crows

  6. DrLex


    There's usually 3 of them coming to this tree at predictable times of the day, and these 2 always sit together with the third one on another branch. Maybe it's a couple…
  7. DrLex

    Invasive species

    In the 1970s, someone had the brilliant idea to release some rose-ringed parakeets in a park in Brussels. Maybe they assumed these animals wouldn't survive the Belgian climate, but they did. Not only did they survive, they kept breeding. Until about 10 years ago, they would only be spotted in...