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  1. DrLex

    Snowy sunset

    Another one for the collection of pictures of this particular spot. HDR created from 3 exposures.
  2. DrLex

    Sunset farming

    First time I went to check out the fields with the MTB after about a month of nearly non-stop rain. The erosion was not as bad as I thought, although some spots were pretty tricky. The machine is likely something to harvest sugar beets.
  3. Sunset Wheat Field

    Sunset Wheat Field

    HDR from 5 exposure bracketed shots. This is an adjusted version from the one I posted in the forum, which was a tad too dark.
  4. DrLex

    Sunset landing

    On a crop, the extended landing gear is more visible:
  5. DrLex


  6. Sunset Field 2

    Sunset Field 2

  7. Sunset Field 1

    Sunset Field 1

  8. DrLex

    Sunset and dusk fields

    I actually found a nice looking spot that I hadn't discovered yet during my countless bike rides to fill the time during COVID lockdowns. On the way back home, using a concrete power line pole as an improvised support.
  9. 20140905-194348-DSC_3838.jpg


    Monument Valley Sunset
  10. DrLex

    A nice sunset

    From the evening bike ride. Spring is in full swing now.
  11. DrLex


    Might have been appropriate for the “Glorious mud” challenge on DPR. Obviously, given the limited dynamic range of the OM-5 sensor, this is HDR from 5 ±2 EV range bracketed shots. Longest exposure was 1s, which somehow worked out despite being hand-held. IBIS does prove useful in situations...
  12. Manzur Fahim

    Bali sunset from Canggu

    Hello everyone, Hope you are well. Sharing a sunset photo I took in Bali some time ago. I was doing a portrait shoot and suddenly I noticed how beautiful the sunset looked, so took a small break to capture the sunset. Didn't lift the shadow, kept the bottom part dark as it was. Taken with...