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Bali sunset from Canggu

Manzur Fahim

Well-Known Member
Hello everyone,

Hope you are well.

Sharing a sunset photo I took in Bali some time ago. I was doing a portrait shoot and suddenly I noticed how beautiful the sunset looked, so took a small break to capture the sunset. Didn't lift the shadow, kept the bottom part dark as it was.


Taken with Fujifilm GFX 100 + Fujifilm GF32-64mmF4

Can't wait to visit Bali again.
Hi Manzur,

when have you been the last time on Bali?

I was last summer there. Among other stops also in Canggu. Unfortunately Bali is nowadays totally different then it used to be 10 years ago. Very, very crowded. Traffic jam in Canggu so that you need 1 hour to get to the beach etc. Also other places changed drastically (Ubud etc.). Many, many tourists. I love Bali but this was sometimes shocking.
I was there last June. We stayed in Canggu. The first time I went to Bali, it was back in 2018, and it was very different even back then. The landscape is rapidly changing, to provide better for the tourists and with the improving Economy (Pre-Covid), things were changing rapidly. I still like it, but it was way better back then. I guess this is what eventually happens when a city or island gets more and more modern to cope with the increasing need to serve people better

Canggo traffic is so bad these days. Thank God for that shortcut road hahaha, otherwise we'd be stuck in traffic even more getting in and out of Canggu every day.

I'm thinking of going to Philippines next, I've heard that some of the really nice islands are still like how bali was used to be 5 years ago. Must visit before it starts changing too.
I've heard that some of the really nice islands are still like how bali was used to be 5 years ago

I have to ask my mother-in law. She is Philippina, but lives since 60 years in Europe. But her big, big family is still on the Philippines. I try to avoid to go there, because we then have to visit everybody. This would mean from the morning to the evening eating, eating eating....
Oh yeah I know what you mean. Similar culture where I am now too, when someone comes to visit from another country, they get invited to every relatives house, and they have to eat at every place or they might get offended, and soon there is no time to relax or do anything else, and before you know it, the time is up and you have to go back