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How to upload/show images?

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How to upload images in a posting in the forum?

You can do it in two different ways. Either you embed an image from an external server (copy & paste the URL, depending on your webhoster) or you upload it with the upload functionality on our server.

A. Upload it on our server

1. Click on "attach files" below the textbox here in the forum

With our new forum-design it looks like this at the moment:


Attention: The upload limit restrictions in kb und pixel size on the longest side my vary over the time.

At the moment there is a file size maximum of 10 MB. BUT the software will automatically resize/compress the image to 1600 pixel on the longest side. It will use lossy compression.

My advise: If you want to have the best image quality, resize the image in your favorite image editing software to smaller than the value where the "resize" function kicks in (atm 1600 pixel) and save with highest level (JPEG lossless). If you want to have larger than 1600 pixel, upload to flickr et alii and link here.

2. Choose in the next pop-up window the photo/photos on your PC you want to upload here

3. a) After uploading move your mouse over the image... click on the upper left hand corner of the image on "Insert...",


3. b). ...after that on "thumbnail" to display the image on that spot where the cursor was. See screenshot below.


Thumbnails are pretty big here. Around 600 pixel at least. See below:



Now your images will be displayed at the spot you put the cursor beforehand in your posting. Hit "reply" to publish it. The forumsoftware does the resizing for you.

If you have text and images or several images

Make sure that you put enough space (press return key twice) between different images or between image and text, so that it looks good.


You can change afterwards still the location within your text. Just "cut" the code "Attachment" and "paste" that code in a different place within you posting.

That's all.

Enjoy it!
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B. Embed your images from external sources

embedding an image was tested so far with pbase, 500px.com and Flickr. If you are interested in more external sources, please ask for this in the help section.

The advantage of embedded images is, that you have no file size restrictions and you can use the same external hoster you always used.

1. Flickr

(You need to do this either from your desktop/laptop or you need to enable on your smartphone the desktop modus. Otherwise the mentioned tab "BBCode" will not appear.)
  1. Click on Share,
  2. Click on the Tab "BBcode"
  3. Choose via dropdown menu as size "original" (at the bottom)
  4. Copy the generated code
  5. Paste that code in textbox directly (do not click any image icon beforehand)
  6. Add the text you want to or make the same procedure for a second image below the first one
  7. Click on "post reply"

Attention: If you use a smaller size than "original", the EXIF data will not be displayed with the browser addon "Exify"








2. PBase

Same here. Please use size "original", otherwise the EXIF data will not be visible

  1. Click on Original,
  2. Right-click with your mouse on the image
  3. Choose via pop-up menu "Copy image link" (not the other copy link above)
  4. Go to the textbox, click on the image icon (Insert image/ CTRL+P)
  5. Click on the tab with the "chain"
  6. Paste the copied image link in the field
  7. Click on "Insert"
  8. Add the text you want to or make the same procedure for a second image below the first one
  9. Click on "post reply"








3. Smugmug

With Smugmug it works similar to Flickr. With the BBCode.

  1. Click on Share on the left
  2. In the share menu, click on the tab "Embed"
  3. Choose your desired photo size
  4. Click on the tab BBCode next to HTML
  5. Click at the bottom on the green button "Copy BBcode"
  6. Go to the forum in your textbox, paste that code in the textbox directly (do not click any image icon beforehand).
  7. Add the text you want to or make the same procedure for a second image below the first one
  8. Click on "post reply"




4. 500px.com

please read here:

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If you want to see the Exif data of the images, please install the plugin/addon Exify for Firefox and Chrome browsers. It is free and works on Windows and Mac.

Attention: There is a setting in Exify where you can disable it on specific sites. So for example open a tab and go to Facebook, click on the add-in button at the top right of Chrome, click on Exify and then select 'disable for this site'.

You can also disable it by default, and then just enable it for the sites you want, e.g. DPRForum.com.

Download link:

See also the "Have you seen...?" FAQ here:

Exify for Smartphone users

Exify is NOT in the Googel app store. You have to install the Chrome version from the website of Exify.

The download button sais "Download the Desktop version". Press it although it is a smartphone. Confirmation message that installation was successful.

To use it on Chrome is different than with Firefox. Hoover over the image is not enough. You have to click on it. After that on the buttom is an "i". Click on that and you see the Exif data.


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