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How to insert a photo from your 500px gallery

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A quick tutorial on how to insert a photo from your 500px gallery into the section of the forum:
1/ On the page with the image, click on the "Share" icon and select the last item </>Embed
2/ Inside the "Copy this code" box, select the code snippet shown in the screenshot from https:// to alt, excluding the quotes.
Copy it.
An example: https://drscdn.500px.org/photo/1058...8365ed8e247666f1962e7f088ebd1379bcca508b4ef7f
3/ In the forum section, click on "Insert image" -> "By URL" and paste the code snippet from the buffer (see point 2)
4/ Click on the button "Insert".
If this has been done correctly, the photo will be loaded into the board
You will then be able to enlarge or reduce the size of the photo by clicking on it
If you'd like, I can make a small, similar tutorial for Flickr.
Unlike 500px, Flickr allows you to specify the size of the image to be resized.

I remake all the tutorials for external hosters. I have finished Flickr and PBase. See here:

With 500px.com, I am a little bit confused. It seems they only have smaller images sizes, nothing big and I do not find any EXIF data. Is this normal?
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