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Linking images from Flickr

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My favourite way of posting images has always been to use the BBCode link from Flickr, when I tried that here I had a message telling me I couldn't post due to a spam link...
DPRforum BBCode images.png

Trimming the BBCode to just include the 'img' portion allowed the images to be imbedded, but this actually contravenes the hosting agreement at Flickr that says you must link back to the original page.

Could the message have a button added to refer the post to a moderator?
So far, this forum does not accept ALL the BB codes that Flickr generates.

You can do the following:
1. Select - Share photo - Embed
2. Copy the code into notepad (or directly into the code field in Flickr)

3. Select and copy the following piece of code (as in the screenshot) to the clipboard - example: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52789904956_e1357a2d0b_k.jpg
4. Paste this cut snippet of file link into Insert image -> By URL

5. Click on Insert and after the photo appears, click on it and choose the right size to publish it

embedding an image works at the moment with pbase, 500px.com and also with Flickr.

For Flickr read here:


embedding an image works at the moment with pbase, 500px.com and also with Flickr.

For Flickr read here:

I've tried using the method there, but it fails if I select a resolution that's too large (presumably breaks the 4MB limit).

I do want to post full resolution pics if possible, especially on the Adapted Lens forum; a big part of the forum's purpose on DPR was evaluating the rendering of vintage lenses, and seeing pics at original pixel level can be helpful for that. Embedding seems like the best way to avoid storage issues here. Does Insert Image (by URL) actually embed, or does it upload/store on the server here? (Presuming it does, which would explain the 4MB limit).

Another way to get the Flickr URL, instead of the Share button, is to click the Download button just to the right of Share; when it lists the sizes, right-click on the size you want and Copy the URL.
We have a new manual for Flickr here:

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