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  1. DrLex

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    Taken in Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  2. DrLex

    Mural in Almaty

    I'm back from a trip to some rather uncommon destinations: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. And yes, this includes the “Gates of Hell.” It was the first time that I shot everything in RAW (with low-quality JPEGs as references) and that I swapped lenses. I used to always shoot in JPEG...
  3. Manzur Fahim

    DP1 Merrill - Isle of Skye, Scotland

    Can't really remember the location in Isle of Skye, and didn't wanna go through a 300GB archive to find out. I had the DP1 Merrill with me along with the Nikons, and decided to take some photos with it too. If anyone knows the name of the mountain range or this viewpoint, please share. Have a...
  4. Manzur Fahim

    Bali sunset from Canggu

    Hello everyone, Hope you are well. Sharing a sunset photo I took in Bali some time ago. I was doing a portrait shoot and suddenly I noticed how beautiful the sunset looked, so took a small break to capture the sunset. Didn't lift the shadow, kept the bottom part dark as it was. Taken with...