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1 Lens for 3 week backpacking tripWhich one


Well-Known Member
Just wondering what one lens you guys would take on a 3 week backpacking trip with your g1?

Thanks in Advance....
> Hands down, it's gotta be the Planar 35. IMHO, the most versatile lens > of the whole bunch (with the possible exception of the zoom, which I > unfortunately don't own).

Mark Edwards
That's pretty easy--the 35. Versatile, fast (for a G lens) lightweight. I use the t3 quite a bit for backpacking and it's enabled me to learn to maximize the use of this focal length.

Now, if I'm backpacking with the G2, it's either the 21+35 or 21+VS 35-70, the last choice of course not possible with the G1.

Where are you headed?

Thanks for the post...you guys just confirmed what I was thinking. I have the 35mm 45mm and 90mm I want to travel light. Im going to Panama would you guys take more lenses?

Colin Thomas
I think im going to take only the 35mm, but I also think I could miss out on alot of shots if I dont take my two other lenses, would you take them???
Hi Colin,

The 90 seems like the obvious choice as a second lens. Although it's the largest and heaviest of the three, it will give you the a very different perspective than the 35.

It would also be my top choice for snake protraits!

Best regards,

> if no zoom, then 35mm or 45mm. Hi Colin. Got first pictures back from 28mm and they are terrific. I duplicated a shot in La Quinta near Palm Springs that is shown and sold by a well known commercial photographer. Mine is better (in my unbiased opinion, of course) DH
> If you are taking the 35mm, the 45mm would be superfluous. Using the 35 where the 45 would be more ideal only penalizes you with a slightly smaller image size which can be compensated for in printing. I vote for taking the 90mm also. You might find animal or scenery shots that the double sized image would be to your advantage and the thing only weighs a few ounces (until it has been on your back uphill for three or four miles, then it weighs twenty lbs.). DH
C'mon Colin! You're a Contax man, man!! Take every piece of gear you have. In fact, go buy something extra, that's heavy, and bring that too. The lens you leave behind may be the lens you needed to take that one-in-a-million shot that you will be remembered for long after you're gone. Leave the extra clothes at home instead. After a few days you'll find you've got lots of alone time to really focus on your photography!

I would not leave home without the 90mm. It would be a matter of preference for the 35mm or 45mm. If it becomes a matter of taking only one lens I would take the 45mm, because the image size is important to me.

I had a special opportunity while fly-fishing when an Eagle circled overhead once and then quickly dove in and caught a trout. I captured the moment as the Eagle’s wings were at their apex and the fish was in its talons. The only problem is that image produced by my T4 35mm lens is very small. Yet, if I had tried a 300mm I would not have been able to make a photograph due to the small field of view and fast action. I think the 45mm would have made a better and more pleasing photograph.