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1435mm summilux



I have a Leica R-7 with a 1.4/ 35mm summilux lens.
This is a very nice camera and a very sharp lens, but i think if anyone is contemplating buying this particular lens, they should plan on attaching it to a larger, heavier camera such as the R-8 or R-9.
As it is,the set up is a little lens heavy. The summilux 35mm weighs approx. 1 1/2 lbs. by itself.
Just a little more than the camera it's attached to, so this gives it an unbalanced feeling. i have adjusted, but still notice it when i am shooting offhand.
Possibly the f2/35mm summicron would have been a better choice for this camera.
Does anyone else try to match their camera to a particular lens? Or am i being too annal about this?
One other thing. This lens is supposed to be legendary for it's sharpness, and it is sharp. No doubt about that, but comparing side by side photos taken with this lens and an old Yashica Electro 35 with it's 1.7/ 45mm lens, i really can not tell much of a difference. Except in price of course.
Dear Perry,

The 35mm Summilux R lens 1.4 is a fine lens indeed. Yes, it may seem a little front heavy when used with your R7, but as you use it more, it will begin to feel much more comfortable. The 35mm Summicron R lens 2.0 is a bit more compact, but if you need the extra speed of 1.4, then the Summilux is most ideal for your situation.
In comparing the pictures taken with your 1.4 Summilux, to the Yashica lens that you had mentioned, it is when you start making enlargements past 8 x 10, that you'll begin to really see the detail of Leica lenses.

In the latest issue of the German magazine Color Foto, 35 mm lenses were tested. In the 1.4 domain, Leica came out a winner, although it failed to reach top marks. Among the 35/2.0 lenses, the Summicron-R did not quite reach the level of the Japanese competition. This hardly came as a surpise I guess, this lens begins to show its age. Mediocre performance at the widest f stops and too heavy vignetting were cited as major problems.
Thanks for the info. Is "Color Foto" available in English on the web? What is their web address? Cathy in Atlanta
Thanks for the link for colorfoto. Maybe this would be good reason to brush up on my German. Cathy
Hi guys!
Is there anyone who compared Summilux 35/1.4 to Contax Distagon 35/1.4. I am using Contax 35/1.4. It showed a very sharp resolution and very extra-ordinary color rendition.
I mean its color rendition is soft and bright compared to other Contax's deep and strong color rendition.
What about Summilux?
Is it really cool in night shot regarding the contrast?
Is it really as sharp as Contax Distagon?
Does it show fantastic color like Contax Distagon?
How much distortion does Summilux have?
When wide open, still good in corner?
Woo~ so many question...
Anyway thanks in advance for reply!