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2485mm f284D vs 24120mm f3556G AFS VR



I want to replace my cheap 24-80 G lense that came with N80 kit. I am thinking between the 24-85 f2.8-4D lense and the 24-120 AFs VR lense.Both are in the range of $570-$600.
Any suggestion? Personally I am tilted to the 24-85 mm one becoz it has 1:1/2 macro . Some report said that this lense can yield pretty good pictures at f5.6-8. Also according to Tom hogan's review (http://www.bythom.com/nikon.htm)the G version of this 24-85 mm is pretty good and the 24-120 AFs VR is not at all a Pro lense in performance. Is the G version of 24-85 mm is better than the D version? Why then the G version is at half price( $ 300) than the D version? i personally dont like G lense coz it lack the aperture ring. please give your feedback.
I heard that lense(28-105) is not good at ambient light and also the min apeture is not 2.8. moreover in 24-85 mm the macro is of better ratio and u get 24 mm wide. Actually my question is either 24-85 mm D or the 24-120 AFS VR? And whether 24-85 G lense is better than the 24-85 D lense?
> Hi,

I have the 24-85/2.8-4 and find it superb for what I do, mainly travel and local snapshooting. The speed wide open is useable, and gives excellent results. The Macro facility is good enough for what most of us need, without going to specialist extremes. The 85 end is great for portraits without losing too much light. Overall, I highly recommend this lens which I bought from MXV in UK second hand.

I thought about the 24-120 VR for the extra focal length and the VR, but considered the gain in speed of the shorter focal range to be the biggest advantage.

Hope this helps.

Robin in Spain
Thank you robin and shady. I Think I will buy the 24-85 f2.8-4 D. Only thing I am still in confusion whether to by the 24-85 f3.5 AFS G lense. This Lense has two ED element and it is AFS. But it is missing the aperture ring ( which I dont like but it is no problem for N80) and it's min aperture is 3.5 not 2.8. Can anyone make a direct comparison between this two from experience? If the performance wise ( like the sharpness, contrast, color balance) the G lense is same as D lense why i will pay $300 more? I asked the same question to the dealer. They said the D lense is much sharper and faster lense.
The G lenses aren't allways sharper than D lenses. The G just means it doesn't have an F-stop ring. The 24-85 is 1/2 stop faster than the 24-120 (up to 85mm). I would lean toward the 24-120 due to it's VR (which would make up for the half stop) and due to the fact that shoot a lot in the 85 to 120mm range.

I just wish it had an f-stop ring so I could use it with my older cameras.

I think the G lens 24-85 AFS is better ,even it's cheaper but image quality and color saturation is great

I have the 24-85mm AFS lens "G" Lens with the D70 and I must say it is quite sharp. I got to shoot with the D70 for the first time today at "White Post Farms on Long Island in Melville NY and made a few 8x10 prints on my Epson 2200. I converted the NEF to Tiff and tweaked the colors in PS 7.01. So far I am impressed with the lens, camera and print out. The file was 35 megs (tiff) from a 5.4 meg NEF file. I am going to spend some time tomorrow playing with higher F-Stops <6.3 and manual focusing.
BTW, I do also own the 28-105mm "D" lens. This one I use on my F100 and I'm quite pleased with my 13x19 prints using My Nikon 4000ED scanner.

Alan Russell