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35 or 50


Hi to all,
I just got my first M6ttl .72 in a mint plus condition from a collector who is moving to digital. I have been a Nikon user for 7 years now. I started with FM2n and barely a month ago bought an FM3a. Traded the FM2n with cash for the Leica. Having a complete Nikon system at this point and the dwindling budget because of my latest acquisition, I can only afford 1 lens for the M6. I will be using it more for candid people shots most especially with my kids. I will greatly appreciate any input.
Best Regards,
Welcome Edwin

You have just asked one the most difficult questions to answer when it comes to fitting out a new M6 body. Some prefer the 35mm focal length, and then others the more traditional 50mm.

The 35mm lens does give you a little more flexibility, but a 50mm lens on an M camera is also a very useful tool. If you asked me I would lean toward the 50mm focal length. But that’s my personal preference. Its a hard decision to make.

And then the question arrises do you need f1.4 or is f2 fast enough. So you also need to ask yourself do I go broke and get a Summilux or leave a few cents in the piggy bank and go for the Summicron.

The new generation of Leica ASPH lenses produce super beautiful results with a sharp crispness that that has to be seen to be beleived, and well worth the expense if the budget stretches that far.

regards and enjoy the Leica

You will certainly receive as many opinions as there are members on the thread. My suggestion is the very affordable, light, and available 35mm summicron from about 10-20 years ago. I am sorry that I don't have the exact model designation, but I am sure that others on this list can be more specific.

Best of luck.


The old school is that the 50mm is close to the angle of view of the human eye and as such 28mm, 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm is the progression. If you need a wider field of view then the 35mm is wonderful, but if you can give up a little field of view for a larger image size then the 50mm. I would choose the 50mm unless you have a lot of children and need to take large family portraits.

Hi Guys,
As what Craig just said this is indeed one of the most controversial questions in cameradome :) I have been thinking about this for quite a while myself. Thank heavens forums like this exist. Personally, I have been leaning towards the 50f2. I have seen the 50th Anniversary 50mm Summicron f2 on the web and it is beautiful! Considering also the learning curve that I will go through, this being my first RF, I think a more familiar focal lenght like the 50 will be very Ideal. I plan to use it more on the streets so I think the f2 will be more than adequate.
Here in the Philippines I don't think that there are a lot of Leica users because I rarely see a Leica. This makes the used lens market for Leicas almost none existent! Nikon lenses are not a problem. I think this is a 90% Nikon country. I am thinking of going the e-bay route but I am a little uneasy about paying top $$$ for something that I know will be hard to return if something went wrong. Return freight plus insurance to the U.S.A. is a little expensive over here. The only best option is to buy new.
The guy that sold me the M6 has a 90mm Summicron also in mint plus condition he is willing to part for $850. Now what photographic opportunity will a 90mm give me? Anyone of you guys shoot at this focal length all the time ;-)
Thank you Craig, Dr. Puritz, and Gilbert for your replies.

Hello Edwin -- I would resist going for the 90mm Summicron, as it is a gigantic, heavy piece of glass. I would instead opt for the Elmarit 2.8, which is only one stop slower but much smaller and easier to handle. I have the pre-ASPH model, which I was able to buy on ebay for under $400 (which was admittedly a steal). If you look hard enough, you can find one for a decent price. Another alternative is to try the earlier 2.8 Elmarit (not the tele-Elmarit, which to my eyes gives a "softer" look to the tictures), made in the 1950s. Quite small, light, and great glass. In fact, some folks (not me) claim the newer Elmarits are less preferable to the old one, claiming the newer ones are "too sharp" to render flattering portraits. You can pick one of these older ones up probably for under or around $400, but you must be sure the glass is clean, with no haze or fungus. If the glass is decent, it is a great lens. Cheers, Andy.
"...made in the 1950s"

Oops, should have said late 1950s to 1960s. I have found I now use mostly the 35mm and the 90mm. I keep the 25 summicron on my M4 and the 90mm on my M3, since the viewfinders match these lenses quite well, respectively. The 90 is quite useful for portraits, and for close-ups on the street.
> [dear friends:

I own a like new M6 0.72 non TTL and a M2 and I'm happy with both. But yesterday I find an M3 like new, with a 50 mm Summilux first version, like new, pre 1.844.000 serial no. I'm thinking in change the M6 for the M3. It's a good idea? I will appreciate any comments.

thanking you in advance.

(sorry for my english)

Why would you prefer the M3 to the M6? Do you use mainly 90 or 135 and you want the bigger viewfinder &lification? Don't you use the through-the lens light meter in the M6?