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3570 mm f 4 any experiences



Yesterday i saw a used 35-70 / 4
for 650 Euros in a shop. It seemed to bee in a good condition. I m thinking about buying it.
Is the quality similar to lenses like the 35/2 or 50/2 ?? Has anybody these lenses at home and checked it out ?
>This is a very good lens. Much better than the 28-70. The 35-70 is fully usuable at full aperture. I don't have the prime lenses but according to Erwin Puts this lens at full aperture is as good as the prime lenses at 4.0
Dear Martin,

I have all three lenses and only use the prime focal lengths in preference to the 1:4/35-70 Vario-Elmar-R when I need the speed.

At f/5,6 the Vario-Elmar-R is stunning, I suspect Apo quality.

The only concern I have had, and I would have this check being a second-hand lens, is the lens centreing. It was sent back to Solms and fixed under warranty.

Other wise a fantastice lens.

All the best.

Dears, it's my most favourite leica lens, excellent optical quality w/ macro feature. Frankly speaking, the color tone is quite different from my prime lens, more satuated like those from contax or olympus. Everyone won't be disappointed ...
Hello friends, just got on this forum for the first time. I recently traded my M equipment (too much difficulty focusing because of aging eyesight) for a R6, with 50 'Cron and older 28 Elmarit. My questions concern the focusing screen:

1) - It looks a bit dark to me. It's the matte (I think) with grid lines. How can I remove it, and then clean it? Do I need special tweezers?
2) - What would be the clearer screen you would recommend? I don't like the microprism-split-image kind.
3) - What about Beattie screens? Would I have to recalibrate the meter?

Thank you.
I have used the 35-70/4 since it was released, and it is a very good lens. I sold an Angenieux 2.5/35-70 when I bought the Leica lens, and the Leica is clearly superior. I doubt one will notice any difference to the prime lenses, in fact the 35-70 zoom is probably better at 35 mm than the 35/2. I have recently bought a 35-70/2.8 which is absolutely stunning, but it is twice the weight and the volume of the f4, and I have not yet quite made up my mind if I will sell that one or not.
> I switched from the latest 28-70 to the 35-70. The 28-70 is not Leica quality in my opinion. Especially distortion at 28 is too high. Also the full opening is not very usable. The 35-70 however is very good. also the full opening is totaly usable. To compensate for the 28 I aquired a 24 which is also very good.

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema
Although I don't know the exact prices, the 35 - 70 probably costs considerably less than 35, 50 75 primes. Would the differences in slides be discernible to my amatuer eye? Should I save until I can afford the three primes? Or will I be reasonably happy with the shots produced bythis zoom?

All advice appreciated. As I stated, I'm an amateur.
Dear William,

I have the 1:4/35-70 Vario-Elmar-R as well as the 1:2/35 Summicron-R and 1:2/50 Summicron-R.

In practice with projection of 80X magnification and prints of 15X magnification I cannot detect and difference.

I keep the prime lenses in reserve when the wider apertures are needed.

My suggestion is buy the Vario-Elmar-R and only consider the primes if necessary. Recently my family and I spent six weeks in Europe and shot nearly fifty rolls of Provia 100 with the Vario lens. In my pocket I had the Minilux with Provia 400 for low light situations. For once I never felt the need for anything else.

Best of luck.