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45 f28 Tessa German lens



I own a Japan version of 45 Tessa but there are plastic for the focusing and aperture rings. Seems the German version is in metal. I also heard that Japan version has better quality and I find no vignette at all.
Would anyone comment these. Thanks.

AFAIK the first 45/2.8 lenses were made completly from metal. This was changed due to the weight later.
I also have one of those Plastic Japan Tessars (the AE one with the dark green f 8 and the green mark on the focussing ring for hyperfocal setting). Compared to my Planar 1.4/85 or the Distagon 1.4/35 it is not that smooth and robust. But compared to my Tamron 17 mm (which uses a lot of metal) it is much smoother and feel more solid.
The plastic is only used for the rings on the outside of the lens. Take a sharp look on it from the bayonnet side and you'll see many brass parts inside. Once I accidently unscrewed the front element of the lens which contains the filter mount. This part is also made from metal and under it i saw a lot of metal, too.
It's always said that German version should have the better quality over the Japan ones. I don't have two lenses for a comparison. But I can't imagine that one is better than the other. The calculations are made by Zeiss and they're great. The Japanese are well known for their quality (the automobile industry for ex&le or all this high tech electronics). I don't have any problems with a Zeiss lens made in Japan!
Also didn't realized any vignetting with the Tessar lens.

Hi Matthias,
I can really agree, AFAIK there is no difference between japanese and german versions. But there was never a german version of the Tessar 45, because it was released at photokina 82 in AE version (I had this one), an re-released as an MM version later on (which my father still owns); both are mechanical identic.

Hello Wolfgang,

I read about a metal-barrel Tessar somewhere, but I can't remember where it was :-( Maybe this was about a prototype of this lens and the metal was changed for plastic in the serial production due to lighter weight.
But there is one difference between Japanese and German lenses: the "Lens Made in ..." engraving ;-)

Hi Matthias,
I should have checked theses Tessars more carefully-thank You! BTW I forgot to mention the silver version together with the Anniversary Aria (70 Years CONTAX) which You can see in the latest Zeiss folder I got yesterday from Yashica Hamburg.

Warmest regards