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75 VC Heliar on M3 FramelinesAdapter Choice


I love and use two M3s (beaten but regularly cla'd and beaten some more).Note I have one as a back up! They are grandfathers in people years!

I have a 50 cron I love.

I want to use the 75 VC heliar on an M3.



50mm=46 degree angle of view

90mm=27 degree angle of view

75mm=32 degree angle of view

The M3 provides 50,90,135 framelines only.

I think a 5 degree difference with the 90's angles of view vs. the 15 degree of difference with the 50 when compared to the 75 is where I should find my answer.

The 90 adapter makes the most sense.

I can imagine roughly having a 18% bleed outside the frame. (The 50 is roughly 50%.)

To shoot very tightly/over tightly on purpose with this in mind.

Any thoughts on this?

Is this workable in you opinon?

Is it a good idea?

Has anyone done what I plan to do?

THANKS to all the posters to this question.
I have an M3 with 90 and 50. I would like to acquire a 75mm lens later. If you shoot with 50 nearer than 1 meter you might get the strange perspective of 50. If you use 90 further than 1 meter you subject becomes too flat.There is always something missing between these focal lengths and the answer lies in between. I use my R60 very often and the photos it take allow the viewer more emotionally attached to the subject than the 50. 90 in this situation makes it too flat. 75 is certainly a very good focal length if you wish the photo to provide nice feelings from the subject.
If I use a 75 on my M3,I would look at the 75mm frameline and try to build the mental image of this frameline in my mind. So when I shoot with my M3 I would know how to frame the subject.