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90mm Elmarit 28


Well-Known Member
Dear all,

After much discussion I finally went for a new 90mm lens and just had to comment on how amazing it is! The colours and sharpness is brilliant, I shot a wedding last week with it and was blown away. It was also the first time I used TTL flash - the results are great and were greatly appreicated by all.

Thanks for all your help and advise - my Leica kit is now complete!



HA!!!! A Leica kit is NEVER complete! :>)

BTW... that 90 Elmarit is a beautiful piece of glass and I have no doubts that you'll really enjoy using it. I used a friend's 90 last weekend and hand-held it for a low light shot... the image came back sharp as a tack and beautiful with gorgeous tonality.

You really need to work on the wife and explain how a second body would be benefical as would be some of the glass you now don`t have.