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90mm Elmarit or 90mm Summicron


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Ok, another question about Leica lenses. What are the big differences of those lenses? I'm slowly buying Leica glass in expectation of a digital M or M digital back. My next purchase will be a Summicron 28mm. Thanks in advance for your answers.

Images are the same at comperable stops. Selectect on the basis of speed required and how much weight you want to carry.
> [Dan, I use an 90 Elmarit 2.8, This lens is wonderfully sharp, colorful and contrasty. As a bonus is quite light and compact. They are in the $700 range in mint condition and very reasonable as Leica glass goes brand new. I don't think you'll be disappointed unless you need the 2.0 f stop.

Tony DeBartolo]
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