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A 10 minute walk from home today ...


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... in the heat of summer @ around 10am, 35C heading for 42C this afternoon.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


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    Wod Trees 1.jpg
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Uwe, it's a seasonal process, it is regrown during the colder months.

Jesito, it was taken with the 50 - 500mm.

These trees grow straight and tall and in the old days were used for ships masts, in coastal locations. When I lived near Melbourne, close to the southern coast, a road on the edge of our town had the name "Mast Gully Road".

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


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In scrutinizing the light on this image...well...it's FULL of light! Very very nice.

We have similar "shedding" trees here, Pacific Madrona (Arbutus menziesii), and they can be great subjects for showcasing the sharpness of a lens and camera combination, which is definitely showing in this image.

There are also Alaska Yellow Cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) which show this sort of "stripping" element of the tree bark.

It is very interesting to see these images Jim. I love to see what other continents are like.


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Yes, Laurence, a big benefit of the internet is the ability to share our environment and culture at the click of a mouse button. It's certainly beyond my wildest dreams as a youth.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Guest .

Hey Jim,

a nice pice of wood ... ;)

Thanks for sharing!



P.S. Pooh,... 42 degrees centigrade is much more than I would find comfortable. It is around 2 degrees outside here ...