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A couple of 18-200 VR AFS questions


New Member
I'm looking at a second hand Nikon 18-200 VR AFS DX lens to replace my 18-55 and 55-200 for my D60.

I tried the lens out and it takes nice pictures, a bit of vignetting on the 200 end, but no more then my 55-200. I noticed two things that I couldn't ignore as I'm not sure if they are faults or just something you get with such a big lens.

Firstly, holding the camera pointed directly at the ground the weight of the lens will drag the zoom outwards, so I have to hold it in place with my hand in order to take a shot. It's okay at less sever angles and if I point it skywards.

Is this okay, or does this suggest a fault that I should be able to be serviced and repaired or is it stuffed?

Secondly, using the cameras flash and the lens between say 75-200mm I get a shadow for the top of the lens in the picture. I have no hood on when this happens, again is this something that happens with larger 72mm lenses or is it something perhaps a little askew with my flash. Not so concerned with this one.

many thanks for any help. cheers

first of all, I do not possess the mentioned lens, but...

With large zooms, such as the 18-200 it is quite usual (not handy, but anyway) that the tube comes out if the lens is hold downwards. Happened with my 80-400 (Tokina) as well.

The flash problem is also logical, as the flash is not made for this focal length. My external SB600 for example is made for focal lengths up to 85mm, anything above... critical. The internal flash, so close to the body must have these problems...

Hope to have helped you.

Cheers from Basel (Switzerland)