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A7III vs A7RV banding using silent shutter


Active Member
Hello: Taking delivery of my A7RV tomorrow. Have been voraciously watching as many YouTube tutorials as I can to help in dealing with the menu system of the new camera! I've not seen much talk on banding when using silent shutter.

For my "now-traded" A7III, (and my A7R3) when shooting available light indoors, I needed to shoot at a shutter speed no faster than 160th/sec, especially in mixed discharge lighting, or I'd get severe image banding at any ISO. In the scenarios I'm shooting, I have zero concerns about the rolling shutter "jello effect". No fast movement of camera or any people/objects.

Does anyone have thoughts on using the A7RV in silent shutter mode, and banding issues? To reiterate, I have zero concerns about rolling shutter in this scenario.

Somewhat related. The most prolific YouTube tutorial I've viewed on the RV, now 3 times at a lengthy 2:01:29 length is, Very beneficial time spent.