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A7RV movie button change


Active Member
Hi: On the A7RV in photo (NOT video) mode, is there a way to re-map the video on-off button to perform AF/MF on-off? That said, IF I then switch the camera mode dial to MOVIE, I want the function to revert to start-stop a video clip. I don't want to have to go back into the menus (in video mode) to make the button start-stop a video. That'd be too inconvenient during a shoot. My C2 button at the top of the camera is already in-use.

There are many scenarios where I toggle from AF to MF and I'd like a custom function easily accessible on the top of the camera. Some of my lenses don't have a AF/MF switch.

Thanks in-advance for any thoughts.
Hello again: Well, you can belay my question.

Somehow I found the correct toggle and better still, when I switch to movie mode the movie button reverts to its default. Don't have a clue how I found this. I started taking shots of my screen with iPhone to help remember where the hell I am with the menus for this great camera!
So please share what you did.
Good morning and sorry I cannot provide that information.

As are so many of the solutions that I have accidentally come up with trying to solve a problem with Sony‘s menu system, for this one I did not copy down the steps and would literally not have a clue where to even start.

Possibly someone else monitoring this thread will have an answer. And if I do find it again I will post screenshots on this thread.
Why are you not using the dedicated AF/MF button instead?

AF/MF Selector​

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

You can easily switch the focusing mode from auto to manual and vice versa while shooting without changing your holding position.
  1. MENU →
    (Setup) → [Operation Customize] → [
    Custom Key/Dial Set.] or [
    Custom Key/Dial Set.] → desired button → [AF/MF Selector Hold] or [AF/MF Selector Toggle].

Menu item details

AF/MF Selector Hold:Switches the focusing mode while the button is held down.AF/MF Selector Toggle:Switches the focusing mode until the button is pressed again.


  • You cannot set the [AF/MF Selector Hold] function to [Left Button], [Right Button] or [Down Button] of the control wheel.
  • If the lens is equipped with an AF/MF selector switch, the state of the switch on the lens will take priority.
I'll need to experiment with your suggestion. I don't see an AF/MF button on the A7RV. I do see the back button labeled AF-ON. I've always used that button to activate AF since I started using Sony cameras 4 years ago.

I still have set the movie button, to cycle focus on or off. It's just a convenient location that I can access quickly. I can quickly override my AF and double check focus manually just by hitting the movie button. For some of my shooting, architecture for example, AF is ALWAYS off even if I should hit the AF-ON button.
You are correct. The button is labeled as such on the camera. The function of the button is programmable using the Custom Key setting instructions I listed above. This is from the on-line help manual for the camera. I setup my camera this way, press for MF, press again for AF.