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About RTS II serial number

I'm also interested to know what the range of serial numbers was for the RTS II production run. I've just mailed Kyocera, so hopefully I'll get a response, but if anyone know the answer already, please chip in!


-= mike =-
Hi Hon and Mike,

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get hold of the production date versus serial number correlation data for all the Contax models? Maybe the <font color="ff0000"><font face="verdana,arial,helvetica">Kyocera Kid could help?

I'd be surprised if anyone knows .... and if they do, trying to find out who, may be just as difficult!

I asked a former Service Manager of KY(UK) once and there was a lot of feet shuffling, mumblings about reusing serial numbers(!) and that there were no "date" codes embedded.

The implications are ..... that no one had bothered to tell him ..... or, that he had made his own enquiries and drawn a blank! Or ( less likely?) that for company reasons he wasn't allowed to say.

It will be great if Mike gets a positive response for three quite different reasons. One: that someone at Kyocera is listening and is responsive! Two: that they know! Three: and that they are willing to divulge the information! A major leap forward if any of these happen!

However, this could be a "golden opportunity" for the vast power of the "Forum" to shine!

How about a "first" and "last" serial number submission of the models by Forum members. We view a list and if our serial number is lower than the "lowest", or higher than the "highest", we submit a "claim" for update.

Here is my starter for 10 .... OK 11

139Q - lowest 05608x highest 14351x
137MD - lowest 01921x highest 05880x
137MA - lowest 01755x highest 06068x
RTSII - lowest 00913x highest 32135x
159MM - lowest 01838x highest 01838x
167MT - lowest 00596x highest 06709x
RTSIII - lowest 00913x highest 00913x
ST - lowest 00374x highest 00631x
S2 - lowest 00370x highest 00370x
RX - lowest 0094x highest 0094x
AX - lowest 00848x highest 00848x

(Please note: the inclusion of these numbers do not definitely imply that they are/were the only ones of that model I owned, ..... or, that I have not owned models that are not in this list ... sometimes I forget
.... end of Mojo Jojo or whoever, whatever!)

How about it, Dirk?

Please don't email Dirk, the Forum or myself with masses of numbers until Dirk or I agree to maintain a database ...... you never know, someone may already have started one or obtained Kyocera figures!

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.