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News Adobe update AI Noise Reduction


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Just thought I would mention this. This is a gear talk post for those that are interested.
I tested adobe latest update in photoshop the latest noise reduction AI during last weekend. It works extremely well. I won't go into too much detail. I compared it with a famous software that is very well regarded DxO mark. The adobe update is very very close from the tests I did. It may depend on the photo you use to compare but from what I have seen it appears to be very similar ability. Adobe takes longer mostly but adobe does offer you the ability to control the amount so may be better for some situations. IF THIS POST IS REGARDED AS ADVERTIZING THEN PLEASE REMOVE IT. I am not sure if I break the rules with this one. Sorry in advance if this breaks advertizing rules. Just remove the post if that is the case please.

Probably ok as far as "advertising" is concerned... after all, you are just expressing an opinion (which is 90% of all chat forums). But unless specifically Pentax related, this discussion probably belongs in the "Retouching" Forum?