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AF 24 8528 4D IF Any good



Hi all,

I am an amature who's becoming quite serious about photography and have to replace a Tamron 28 - 300 (my only lense), which got a bad knock. I'm looking at the AF-S VR 70 - 200 and the AF 24-85/2.8-4D IF. Has anyone used the 24-85? Good to use? It's macro?

Any info would be great please.

> [.Get the 24-85mm AFS lens - its a superb bargain price and great optics. I know it is not F2.8 but it is a superb value for money and peformance piece of glass.
> >> >> Sorry about the previous posting - a bit of finger trouble. > > I have had my 24.85 f2.8-4 D a month now, and find the results as > sharp as the Zeiss 24-85 it replaces (for the Contax N1 I have just sold.) The > Nikon lens is smaller, lighter and more convenient than the Zeiss lens. It > is comfortably tight to focus manually (I use an FM3a) and does not "creep" > when the camera is on your choulder. The macro is very useful, as it is > totally built in - not so completely macro as a real dedicated lens, but you always > have it with you. It covers 90% of the focal lengths I want to use, and on > the FM3a makes an ideal travel combination. > > Hope this helps. > > Albest, Robin >