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Airmail From Australia

Guest .

Hi all, Hi Jim,

well, ... today it is a remarkable day in my life ... for several reasons ...

First ... I have never received post from such a far distant place like Australia.;)

Secondly, what I got is such a brilliant "piece of SIGMA" photography .. I am really fascinated.

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For sure ... I will find this brilliant poster a nice place to be watched in my house!:)

Thanks to Jim

See you with nice pictures



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Hi, Klaus!

Glad it arrived safely and even greater that you could acknowledge it in this way! I just take this moment to acknowledge the wonderful technologies we have to use in these wonderful ways.

I also look forward to seeing you with wonderful pictures. Tomorrow I will travel up into the mountains to finally watch the arrival of winter snow which will enable me to complete a picture that has been a long time in the planning stages. I will be in touch.

Sincere regards, Jim
One more thing, Klaus.

I hope you won't mind a little correction. If I read your post correctly, you describe the poster as brilliant Sigma photography, when in actual fact it is a freehand hand drawing created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, (also using a Wacom tablet).

If you are interested, I can post a couple of descriptive (screen grabs) pics of a work in progress, showing the many layers (600+) necessary for me to create this art. The airbrush tool, combined with the dodge and burn tools, are a revelation when mastered. The mastering, however, I can inform you took a considerable amount of time!

And so my digital journey continues, as I begin a new program of learning an even more exciting program called Corel Painter. This will allow my art to become more "painterly".

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs
[FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Hi Jim,

now I understand!

First I thought, that the basis of your poster was a SIGMA photo, which you then polished up manually.

Now I see, that you did this photo-realistic poster without photographic aid, which makes your achievements even more admirable.

There are certainly not many graphic designers (I hope, this is the right term?) who can do comparably brilliant work. :)

Regards and see you with nice pictures

Thank you for the nice comments, Klaus. But my point is, Photoshop has been one of my creative tools, EVER! It is such a joy to use, after a somewhat steep learning curve.

Adobe used to advertise it as "The darkroom of your mind" and "If you can dream it, you can do it, in Photoshop. And it's all true! I couldn't do without it.

Here is an attachment showing a display ad I have just completed. It is made up of photos and freehand illustrations.

Sincerely, Jim Roelofs


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