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Airport Way at Albro


As I was driving home, I noticed the trains and liked the way they lined-up. So I parked the car and walked over to take a picture. Loco 4443 is an older C44-9W while the other two are ES44DC units. The oil is on its way north to refineries in the Anacortes area or Ferndale / Cherry Point.

Great photo! I like the line-up. And it's awesome that the rail lines are not fenced off.

It looks like there is another train in the distance approaching?
Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I noticed the other train when I was processing the image (didn't see it when I was shooting... because I didn't have my glasses on!). Similar to the curved bridge in the distance on your Stanwell Tops picture. It's nice to find these fun little nuggets. Obviously, a large file and good IQ helps. There is fencing at the main yards and at the maintenance facilities. And fencing on a lot of the auto/pedestrian overpasses (unfortunately -- due to nefarious activity) as those are really nice photo vantage points. But in general the main-line tracks are open. I never see anybody else scrambling around... because I suppose most folks aren't really that interested. We're the oddballs! Of course, I always keep my ears and eyes open. I've had 2 semi-close calls. Well, probably not THAT close (no train horn)... or maybe the engineer didn't even see me? My pulse-rate definitely increased. And then I laughed. Puts a little spice into the photo shoot! PS... sorry about the double post. I thought something went awry with the first one... so I duplicated the effort... but then noticed there were two. Oh well.