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Ants: City Life


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Here's the best picture of ants I've taken all day.
SD14 with 150mm EX Macro:

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When I was a kid, pictures like this used to give me the creeps. But I think I like this one (looks better enlarged).



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No bites while taking this photo! I was mostly just avoiding yard work. I get a patch of ants like this in a sidewalk crack by my house about once each year. They are tiny ants and the cluster (about the size of a dessert plate) is so dense, it looks completely motionless and is about the color of a mound of dirt. I was curious to see what the macro would show, and I was amazed at the amount of activity and color.

This is shot wide open at 1/30 second on a tripod at ISO 50. If I had been clever enough to bump up the ISO, I could have really stopped the action (maybe next year). Here's a detail at full resolution.

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Nice reflection off the ants....great shot....!!! Thanks for posting the info about the shot that should help others...

Tony C...:z04_cowboy: