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anyone else had this problem


New Member
hi, new here and haven't been on any forum before. should i be starting a new thread or adding to an old one? please tell me if i'm doing it wrong! anyway, i have a problem with my sd14 which is that i have noticed it is not recording all of my images. in a test i fired it off 20 times with a few seconds in between each actuation. then i left the camera for 5 minutes or so before taking the card out. i have done this test on two different cf cards and have found that the camera is not recording all the images, only say 12 or 14 out of 20. is there something wrong with my camera? i know that these sigmas have some strage idiosyncrasies, and it works great otherwise. be really happy for any help with this. many thanks.


Well-Known Member
jockey72....There is no wrong way to post here....

I would tell you the issue is the Buffer...on the SD14 & DP1....your right...it just has over run...firing off 20 and getting 12 to 14 is better than mine ever did...usually mine starts to hang-up after about 5 to 8 shots...and I loose 1 to 2 from there...

Two ways to help this...(1) Don't fire off more than the camera can handle...use the SD14 like a film camera..2 to 4...shots continuous...(2) Try a CF card that has a read/write speed of 30ms to 40ms...or 250x to 350x speed card...

If your looking for a camera to be able to what I refer to as Spray and Pray shooting...than the SD15 might be able to do more...(don't know still waiting to find out....but I bet it will not...) I use two systems....Sigma and Sony....my Sony a700/a900....I can hold the shutter down until the memory card is full....

I hope this answers your question in a nutshell...there are several threads dedicated to this....just look thru them all...a lot of good information on this BBS...

Let me know if I can help any more....Tony C. :z04_cowboy: