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Aperture and resolution



Dear all:

I switched to G2 from an SLR and wonder whether f8 (or "at-least-2-stops-down") rule of thumb, which works fine with most SLR lenses, applies to G masterpieces as well.

I have heard that rangefinder lenses are exceptional when used wide open and, definitely, high resolution/sharpness is not the only criterion of a good image, but I would be grateful for any comments on apertures of particular G lenses that are thought to result in the highest resolition parameters.

Thank you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Maxim Levinson

I've never owned a lens that didn't sharpen up when stopped down from maximum aperture, the G lenses included (okay, the 16 Hologon excepted). The other consideration, especially with the 45 and 90, is acheiving better autofocus results by using greater DOF.

All the G lenses look sharp wide open, with the *possible* exception of the 35. There's been some controversy around this lens, with some folks loving it and others hating it. Some claim it isn't a sharp lens, others say it has bad bokeh. It's possible that some bad ex&les have been shipped, but I've never considered that likely, given Carl Zeiss' 100% QC inspection practices.

In sum, the G lenses are the sharpest, best quality lenses I've ever owned, including those I have for the Contax SLR system and my Hasselblad C lenses. They are the best reason to get into the G system.

Hi Maxim,

I've found that there is plenty of resolution and contrast for all lenses opened up all the way, except for the 35. They're "plenty good". I like to stop the 35 down a couple of stops.

All lenses are better stopped down, but in a low light situation where you need it wide open, or where you want very limited depth of field the G lenses provide you with perhaps the best resolution, sharpness, contrast available for any lens from any manufacturer.

When considering resolution, I've learned that a good tripod is far more important that what aperature you're shooting at for apparant resolution.

In any case, enjoy these lenses. They don't make them any better for wide-open shooting!