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Auto on-off with collapsing lenses


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So, way back when the V1 and J1 were the only bodies in the system, one of the first firmware updates allowed the camera to turn on if you opened a 10-30 or the 30-110 lens, but I always wondered why it did not also turn them off. After I got my used J5 and then my V2, I found that they both turn on and off with opening and closing the lenses. This makes so much sense!
In the world of Nikon One nothing really ever made sense to me. But was it ever supposed to? LOL
Sony has a little, collapsing 28-60 that was the original kit lens on the a7c. I picked one up (cheap) since it was a pretty sharp little lens but I usually would forget to "open" the lens. Seems they could have made them "auto-open". For a while I had access to a V1 at work but I never used it much. Small camera that's for sure!
I echo your several responses - I never am quite sure what turns the V1 body off/on.

I have to say ( fingers crossed ) that I do prefer the npn -PD