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Batch Scanning



I have a basic question. I am looking into film scanners and I see the term "batch scanning." Can someone explain this to me?
Also, what is "PPM"?
Thanks for any help.
> Michael

'Batch Scanning' refers to when you scan several frames of the one strip of film (usually adjacent frames) without sending any further commands to the scanner or changing the section of film in the holder. I have a Canon FS4000US film scanner...when you are batch scanning a neg strip of say 6 frames, the scanner has the capability of automatically assigning a file name eg: 001.TIFF, 002.TIFF etc as it scans each frame in turn, from the first to the sixth. In other words, you can set the scanner to batch scan & then go off & do something else for 1/2 an hour as it does its job. Hope this makes sense. PPM I'm not sure about.

regards Dave