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Batteries problems



Il be very glad if anybody can tell me things about the last of the batetries on me leica m7, they only last 2 moths.

Yes i know that uses electrycity, is not a mp, do not be ironic jon, i am just telling that i think it does not look normal, 4 rolls in two moths,normal conditions, off positio, etc.

thanks for answering
I had the same problems on each new camera that I bought, Leica, Hasselblad, and so on.
But the other or newer battery used on it have other duration: is it that the original one are not a good quality.? is it that we use more the camera to see though the viewfinder and the meter.? and this one use a lot of current.
The problem I had with all my M6, when I travel, is that I don't switsch off the camera, when I put it in my bag, because if I need it I will need the meter too, so it is always on. But in the bag it is not your finger that uses the meter, it depends about what we have very close of the shutter button. And very often I have to change the batteries, only for this reason.
Maybe some one other have more details with the M7, but we know that we depend of batteries, and on the M7 more than with other M.
Moral: always have batteries with us, like films.
The usual problem with the M7 is that if you leave it with the shutter cocked and unlocked; and then put it in your camera bag, the slightest touch will turn on the meter. If this happens repeatedly in yoru camera bag, then the meter will drain.

Early M7s also seemed to drain batteries faster. My 285xxx was more of a hog than my later 288xxx.

There was a discussion on this topic in the Leica Camera forum recently. Click on the link below and around the 5th or 6th post they focus on the M7 and battery consumption: