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Best Simple and compact flash for M6



What do you non-TTL Leica M6 (and earlier) photograhers use for a flash unit ? Do you use the flash off the shoe ever ? Thanks for your imput.
> For quite a number of years, I have used a, not very compact, Metz > 45CT-4 with my M-3. I must say, however, that I am not inclined to use > flash with my Leica. I would more likely use T-Max 3200, or the like.

Cheers, Jim
I use a Metz 45CT-1 with my M6 and other non-TTL flash cameras. I NEVER, NEVER use a flash in the hotshoe. One cannot possibly obtain good lighting composition with a flash on top of the camera!
Dear Kurt,

If you must use a flash on an M camera, buy the CTOOM flash bracket or equivalent. It moves the flash head off axis as well as protecting the hotshoe.

Remember that non of the photographers who made the Leica famous used flash and the fastest film in those days was under 125 ISO.

Best wishes,

It's been around for ages, but the Vivitar 283 is still one of the best. Get the remote sensor cord, so you can hold the flash in your hand and away from the camera.
Happy Snaps,