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Birmingham with K7


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just putting these up for show, No trolls please. I already know they are ordinary thankyou. Hope you enjoy. If not just ignore more rubbish street shots

IMGP1021-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1022-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1231-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1232-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1234-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1243-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1269-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1013-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1015-1 copy.jpg

Birmingham with K7 and Samyang 135mm F2 . . . all taken today. Thank you if you enjoyed. I recovered and enjoyed shooting today. Friday was a stress trying to get something last week after a bad review post on Dpreview. Sorry if I annoyed you saying that you need a gallery in order to critique. There are a lot of reasons not to have a gallery. I was not myself when i said that and was still pretty annoyed with the bad review post. They actually had some true things to say . . BUT come on. Who can take 40 shots of stunners in an hour after work ?? Maybe David Bailey and that is all. It takes yrs to build up a gallery of landscapes. I think it was a troll. If not well they achieved the same thing as a troll. NEGATIVITY.

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I dig your rubbish, dude!
I dig your rubbish, dude!
I am a complete novice with this forum stuff. I will have to be careful what I say. Anyway, enough of that = the monachrom Pentax is really something. Exciting. I may push the boat out this time around. early. I just love the whole concept that Pentax are so wild with this one. DPReview are a bit cruel with that news article " is it the wrong camera ... should it have been the GR " but in fairness any news article is actually good for Ricoh. See you around next time.
Kind Regards
Shoot for yourself and shoot what you like. I think that's the best way to really enjoy photography.

I bet if I showed *all* my images to people, I suspect for at least half of them they would wonder, or ask, "what did you take a picture of that for?" I have no answer other than something attracted my attention and so I photographed it. You need not apologize to any of us for posting the images you enjoy.
I have to admit I like colour but as you have demonstrated there is a mood that only B&W displays.
I have to admit I like colour but as you have demonstrated there is a mood that only B&W displays.
At Last we meet . . Hello good sir . . I have a big grin here . . pretty surreal this is. HELLO .
If I am honest some of the city shots are better in colour but mostly I prefer black and white in everything EXCEPT WILDLIFE THAT IS.

Even a bad screen with rubbish colour technology still looks loads better for wildlife photos usually.

I am late back so sorry I did not see this earlier. Watched big football game in a pub Arsenal . Helloooo Ozdean.
These from today. Nothing great today but i will try and post each day I do this in this pre K3 iii monochrome frenzy. Same Samyang lens on my K7. Sorry lots of bikes. I got carried away.

IMGP1369-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1376-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1394-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1399-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1407-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1408-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1412-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1431-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1452-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1465-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1481-1 copy.jpg

Hope you are not too bored of our city yet. Thanks if you looked.

Best wishes Dino26323
I really like the 5th one above (with the big posters on the wall in the background). It works for me.
Here are more for those not too bored with Birmingham. Rain day mostly. Taken today. These are actually at F4 and F2.8 mostly. I don't even know myself which is which exactly.

IMGP1631-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1650-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1671-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1684-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1685-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1686-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1693-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1699-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1719-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1727-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1743-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1769-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1791-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1799-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1812-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1847-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1850-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1875-1 copy.jpg

IMGP1897-3 copy.jpg

Thanks for looking. I know i posted too many. I could not decide which ones to apply CUT.

Was a lot of fun in the rain and keeping Samyang as dry as I could.

Regards Dino26323