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Black and white IR

Great shots Mike.
I like your composition of all of them but No.3 is my favourite, the wind swept tree is the clincher, closely followed bt the bikers. :daumenhoch-smilie:
Nicely done, all very good IMHO......

How do you find Darktable & how long have you been using it if you don't mind me asking? I tried it, but found it overwhelming :(
How do you find Darktable & how long have you been using it if you don't mind me asking? I tried it, but found it overwhelming :(
I've been using Darktable since the Dark Ages I suppose, back when it was still a tiny coffee-table instead of the cold- and warm- buffet-table it is today. Yes, it can be overwhelming but there are really awesome Youtube tutorials to follow. Even though I've been using it full-time since Jan.2018 I still regularly come across modules I have to learn how to use properly. Some of the below resources which I copied off the darktable subreddit are extremely useful indeed:

Boris Hajdukovic

Beautiful and very educational workflows of what can be done with darktable. You do need a certain amount of experience to follow these videos.
Most videos do not have any comments but every sections is prefaced with a text blurp explaining what is about to happen. As of late he decided to do commented ones too (in German Or English).
Bruce Williams

An honest no nonsense approach, with the right touch of technical information. Accessible from beginner to advanced user.
If you are completely new to darktable you can literally start with episode 001 and work your way through. The first 11 will only talk about the interface, importing, views, collections and styles/presets. From that point on you should be familiar with the lay of the land. If you are already familiar with the basics you can search for and look at episodes that deal with specific modules.
A dabble in photography

A series of reasonably in-depth videos by a guy named Nicolas, both in English and French, that have a nice mix of theory and practical examples.
Studio Petrikas

Editing workflows that tackle the harder cases.

A small collection of, mostly in-depth, videos (specifically denoise related)


The place to be if you are seriously interested in (F)OSS photography in any shape or form.
The following links are darktable related, but this site offers much more!
Thankyou ever so much for taking the time to do this for me, I am leaving Adobe at the end of this month, so looking to alternatives as a hobbyist