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Brave New World


New Member
I participated over the last year or two in the DPR Medium Format Group, under the name New to DCS-World. As I really only post on the Medium Format Group (a bit in Printing), and, with the exception of a Samsung smartphone, only shoot medium format these days (GFX 100S), I thought a new name was in order. The very large majority of images I shoot and post are panoramas, so I figured a pan-associated name made sense, hence Pan-Handle.

Very much looking forward to participating here! It seems that the limits on upload size are a bit smaller here (4 Mb?), so I guess linking to online images will be the way to go. I understand I need to have a few posts here before posting links is permitted. All sounds good!

Best regards,
Nathan in N Ireland
Very happy to share! I have signed up to Photobucket, which allows me to upload up to 200 Mb per image. That is actually about 3X the size of what DPR used to allow, so I will start sharing once I am permitted to post links.

Best regards,
I am trying to embed a link here to the last photo I shared on DPReview. It is a vertical panorama of a stained glass window my wife and I saw on Saturday in Timoleague, a village outside of Cork. Ireland. It is one of the better-known windows by the great Arts and Crafts Master Harry Clarke, shot with the GF 250 and GFX 100S. Still figuring out links, and I realise I may not be authorised to link here yet...

Best regards,