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Brightness of viewfinder




I am considering a purchase of a Contax 645. How bright is the viewfinder (especially with D35/3.5 and P120/4). Also a comparinson with the Contax N1 would be nice.

I have had no focusing problems with the 30 or 120 lens (or any of the lenses) The only lens I can't speak for is the zoom. I'm very pleased with the system.

Brian J
I broke my 645 in a month ago in Tahoe, where it was very bright during the day and also had the reflections from the lake/snow. I found no problems at all. I thought the view finder was fine. The pictures turned out superb, and I used the 45-90 zoom and the 140. I also used the 120 but only for macro and I am in love with this lens for that use.
Good Luck!
I have the C645 with 35 and 120mm lenses and N1 that you mentioned. They are bright and no problem using in door and out door.
For spectacle or sunglasses wearers I'd rate the Contax 645 as okay rather than outstanding, limited eye relief means you can see "edge to edge" but not "corner to corner". It's also quite sensitive to eye placement and you need to ensure your eye is centred.

I measured the standard screen brightness with the Contax 120mm f4 macro and compared it to the Hasselblad Acu-Matte D screen on a Hasselblad 503 fitted with a Zeiss 120mm f4 macro. The Acu-Matte D is about 1/2 to 2/3 stops brighter and (to my eye at least) has more focusing "tooth".

The Contax prism finder is perfectly serviceable and fully useable, but it's not as good as the very best.