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Busy little bees!


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They sure are a busy little community in our garden at the moment.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs.

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Hi Jim,

a great shot! :z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

Which was your lens?

Unfortunately, there are no bees available due to the season here!

Fascinating internet ... we can have all seasons at the same time with this forum.

Neither are bumblebees availale now! This one, I did at the end of July this year.

View attachment 723

SD9 / Flashlight / SIGMA 18-200mm DC (@162mm) / Bellows

See you with nice pictures



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Hello, Klaus!

Thank you for the very kind compliment. Your shot is excellent too!

Took mine with the 105mm macro.

Kindest regards, Jim R

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Hi Jim,

there is hardly anyone who has ever criticised the 105mm MACRO. Thus, I really believe, it is a very fine lens.

Although I am very much in macro-photography, I do not own expensive macro-tools.

First I started entering the macro world making use of the old M42-screw-mount tools.

This way, the macro world is open to those, who cannot afford highly expensive macro-equipment, too.

Example: LOW BUDGED Macro Tools ... :)

View attachment 724

SD9 / M42-mount adapter / macro-rings / PORST M42 75-260mm Telephoto MACRO (made in the 1970s).

Testphoto (employing the above equipment!)

View attachment 725

Another example:

View attachment 726

SOLIGOR AR-30-T (ca. the late 1970s) MACRO-RING-FLASH

This LOW-BUDGED macro solution can do an extremely good job.

It perfectly goes with SIGMA's LOW-Budged 28-80mm MACRO lens ....

View attachment 727

View attachment 728

View attachment 729

See you with nice pictures



Klaus, that fly shot in particular and also the last "abstract" are fine examples of your skills.

I also used a lot of M42 gear on my SD cameras, but made a decision to purchase the 105 because of logistical reasoning, (weight reduction) what with having to carry my gear in (and as part of) my backpacking trips for days at a time over often very rugged terrain.

In my studio, I still use the old gear from time to time.

Sincere regards, Jim R

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Hi Jim,

the modern SIGMA lenses are much easier to handle (providing automatic aperture and AF comfort!)

But ... the old stuff is really good looking and nice to hold in hands.

The old lenses are made of more metal ... less plastic.

Let's discover the light on our yourneys ... ;);)

See you with nice pictures