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Buying a printer


New Member
I am about to purchase a printer so I can print images taken by my 20D - I am considering an Epson as I have heard they are excellent quality. I would like the ability to print top quality up to 11x14 - any suggestions on the best printer for this?
I have an Epson R300 which produces excellent results from a Canon 10D but the max size is A4. If you want to do 11" x 14" ( Is that A3 ?) then I think you will need to dig much deeper in to your purse or wallet .Check out a few suppliers for prices . Stuart
> Hi Ann-Marie, It depends what you want to print-Colour? Black &White? Both? What Paper you want to use? All Glossy or Matt Or both/. Epson have brought out a new machine (prints up to A3+) excellent colour or Black and White -Should be available soon in UK -uses I think -9 separate inks inclusive of a special mono section-oh also you can print gloss or Matt I would keep looking at the Epson Web site --and not Buy untill this one is available in your area as its best to take disc along to your dealer to get s&le prints from your own work--If you need any more help let me Know. Best Wishes Gordon UK.
Yes, by all means WAIT for the Epson 2400.

It will do just about anything up to 13" wide X 44" long using roll paper, or print on card stock.

What is most important is that the "bronzing" effect that plagues inkjet prints on certain papers has been tamed with this printer ... AND it will offer B&W printing using 3 black inks without the irritating need to switch drivers like with the 2200 model.

If the spec's are true, this will be the most archival inkjet printer out there.

It's due in June.