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C8080 focus problem



I have sent my 8080 in to Olympus once now, but continue to have a problem with the auto focus. Indoor, outdoor; flash no flash; different speeds and stops. Some of the time the focus is great, but most of the time the subject is just out of focus. Anyone got an idea or two? And, the manual focus is impossible to read...
Are you sure it's not a camera movement issue? Have you activated the AF assist )assuming the 8080 has this feature).
I wondered if movement wasn't an issue while snapping the picture. but, at higher speeds (1/640 sec) that shouldn't be an issue should it? indoor shots with flash and fast shutter speeds seem to be erratic, too. <> if the 8080 has AF assist I don't know where to find it.
Hi Clarence,

Have you experimented with taking some shots with a tripod? What you may wish to try is setting up a shot with an object situated in the middle of the viewfinder so there is no question about what the camera should be focusing on. Shoot it with and without flash. If it is still not sharp it probably is a problem with the camera.