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Canon 100400 f4556 IS L lens on Eos3


Hi all, I would very much appreciate any information on a problem with this lens 100-400 IS 4.5/5.6 L on my Eos3 when using the integral battery 25cr after shooting say 5 continuos frames the camera stops with a BC warning in the lcd panel I assume that this is a battery condition warning the battery is new and the camera has to be reset turned on and of to get it to go again, I have not had this problem when using the pbe2 booster can any one else reproduce this problem your help would be much appreciated.
regards Tr
Hi Ray, Hope you dont mind my asking, but have you had any problems with the compatibility between your EOS3 and the 100-400 IS lens? See my posting "Incompatablity".
Ever since I purchased the two items non of the images at max focal length 400mm are sharp.