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Canon 20D Severe Issues



I bought a 20D with grip and the new 17-85 IS lens last week. It’s a very sweet camera performance wise. I took lots of test pictures with no problem. The software is excellent. However…. I’m a professional photographer and last night, 1/3 way through shooting a wedding, my brand new 20D locked up with error 99. I switched back to my 10d because it was a critical moment, when aren't there? When I had a moment, I went back to the 20D and it worked fine again …until it did it again an hour later. This happened about four times in one night. It also locked up with no error. It just wouldn’t let me take a picture but the display worked fine. I felt like throwing the damn thing out the window. I depend on camera reliability for a living and I need dependability. I tried reseating the lens, CF, Grip, and flash with no joy. I also tried turning the damn thing off and it refused to die. I went to the Canon site and I see a 1.0.4 upgrade but when I click on it it says it doesn’t exist. I need this fixed NOW!!! Does anyone know of a workaround in the meantime?


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This is just a wild guess but why don't you try Canon if you just bought it= =20 it is surely under warrenty. Why would you think anyone else would have=20 experiance fixing a camera that has been on the market a couple of months?=20= Email=20 Canon Talk to your dealer that is the only way you will get this =20


I did the wedding nine hours ago. Canon isn't around to answer questions right now but my camera comrades are vigilant to this forum and they may have some quick insight to this issue. As I stated in my original message, I did go to the Canon site and investigated the issue. Hopefully someone else will give me more useful information than you did.


> Hello Steve...

I sometimes get error 99 messages with my Digital Rebel when I use a =20 Tamron 100-300 zoom on it (in over/underexposure situations).

In my case, it's a third party lens problem, where the info provided by =20=

the lens freezes the camera. If I make sure to stay within the F4.5 - =20=

F5.6 range the lens support, I don't crash. You might have a similar =20 issue (read: lens electronics problem). Do you replicate the issue with =20=

all your lenses or just that one?

Chris Dupuis


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No-one is saying nor assuming you ARE an idiot but you do come across as a tad aggressive lol.....If you have a 20D then it has to be under warranty so you have to give your saeller the chance to investigate and sort the problem out and doing anything yourself or going to another repairer would not be a wise move ..... Stuart


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Yeah, like it is a lot more productive to assume you are smarter than the rest of us. While there are no dumb questions the same cannot be said about responses. You are taking things much too personal.



Did you try cleaning the contacts. The new flash system requires more info communicated from the lens. Although I'm not sure at the moment wether this has anything to do with it since only certain lenses apply. Anyhow, I think Steve is like many people who invest money into a new tool and find out that it's not acting new! And how embarassing to be proud of your new camera and emotionally excited about using it, then it let's your down. I don't think Steve's agressive, but definitely frustrated. I've felt like throwing my cell phone out the window a few times. I definitely understand the level of frustration that he's probably feeling.

Calling Canon's a great idea. But if you haven't already, check the contacts. There's a trick I've heard where people use a pencil eraser and rub on the contact with it to get it very clean. I haven't tried it, but it seems to work for many people.


> [There is some issue with the 20D. I'm just messing around at the moment, taking pictures of my daughter. I have a 550 flash on the camera just changed the lens, switched camera off first, camera would not power back up. Having read some of the things the camera seems to do I whipped the battery out waited about 5secs popped it back in and away we go. Have not been able to reproduce the fault though which as a electronic test engineer I find a bit of a worry.]


> [A little more info. I have just got into the can't power off mode now! I am playing with a Sigma 15-30 and a Canon 28-135 IS, the 550 flash is still on the camera. However I have noticed that changing lenses with or without camera power on the flash unit still responds to the lens settings. Again remove battery an away we go.]


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For those who have applied the 1.0.4 update to their 20D, note the following:

"We have discovered that the version 1.0.4 firmware released on October 4 had a bug in the program that handles the update. In cases where the update was performed with a lens attached to the camera, there were situations in which the firmware could not be updated correctly.

"In cases where the firmware was not updated correctly, the camera might not power on, the camera might not communicate properly with the lens and flash, or similar malfunctions might occur.

"Canon offers its sincerest apologies to customers who have been inconvenienced by this situation.

"Even for customers who successfully updated to the version 1.0.4 firmware without incident, Canon recommends updating to the new version 1.0.5 firmware for the sake of certainty. "

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