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Canon 300 Rebel 2000

i am looking for a good wide angle lense but dont want to drain the bank. is there one that someone can recommend. Also, at telephone lense. i was thinking about just going with the canon 75-300mm but if people have not have problems with sigma (?) then give me feed back. thanks in advance.
Sigma 70-300 is a good lens. Comparatively with Canon it is a good relationship quality price
Might need to be rechipped by Sigma for use on digital camera-free but you pay minimal cost for shipping back to you Stuart
Stewart:...so if i am thinking about getting say the...10D, the lenses would not fit? also..does anyone know about the problems or possibility that wide angle isnt perfect to the "T" with high-end digital except with the most expensive of pro cameras. i am eventually going to get one and was just curious. i have done different reading and have heard this only once or twice. thanks
I got a technical problem with my camera. Sometimes when I switch it on (knob to position P) it doesn't respose. After unloading and then loading again the battery everything is OK. It happens wery often and it is very frustrating. What's wrong with it?
Check your conacts? Is there debris in the compartment? Dog, cat hair?
Your contacts may be dirty or oily inside the camera where the battery = goes. Try cleaning them with a pencil eraser the with some alcohol.=20
I have a Canon Rebel xs and it has completely drained two sets of batteries this week. The first set I attributed to leaving the camera on while stored. The second set was used for two days for a total of about 10 pictures. What is wrong with my camera and what should I do now?
Hi Jan, (trouble with canon Rebel Batteries,)
It does happen-You may have faulty Batts or old stock try one more set