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Canon 5DS with 50mm f/1.8


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I have some new Canon 5DS photos online at flickr, For upcoming travel, I bought a new 50mm f/1.8 prime to supplement the 40mm pancake which I've used for some time. Both light weight and basic. I still haven't decided whether or which zoom to take on travels in June. First rhododendron below was taken several days ago, comparing various apertures. Yesterday coming through a mountain pass in Virginia, we had strange cloud conditions. The Canon 5DS was the camera at hand during the late afternoon drive. Couple photos with the 50mm online. First, here's one rhododendron with some azaleas in the background. The azaleas are almost finished, the rhododendrons were startling in their clarity. I hadn't been in our backyard (garden) for some days due to rain.
2O6A0762 Canon 5DS Rhododendron season VA by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr
Best shot I've processed tonight is one I took a couple days ago but hadn't looked at it until this evening. It's a Meadow Rue plant (Thalictrum) in my front garden, first planted almost 30 years ago (!) taken with Canon 5DS + Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens , processed in DPP4 and extensively cropped. Look at the detail on the flickr link, using magnification
2O6A0779 Canon 5DS Meadow Rue ISO200 f/6.3CROP by Sandy Fleischmann, on Flickr