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Canon F1


New Member
I am currently using a F1-N and I love it. It is a wonderfully versatile camera and very much a tank. I find the the meter is very accurate, and the balance superb. I have a T-90 as well, and I have found myself using the F1 more often, despite the T-90s sophistication. Perhaps that is testament enough...


Any one help!
I have the AE Motor Drive fn which has dead Ni-CDs,
I have took it to bits and want to replace the canon batteries with fresh Ni-CDs, my problem is how to connect the new batteries together,I think it is too dodgy to solder connections on, so how do I connect them together.I can buy presoldered batteries with the tags on but the power of these is quite low, I can not find any glue for the job,
any ideas anyone????
cheerz John


Active Member
> The connections have to be soldered that is the way they were designed to be > done. You need to go through a battery supply outfit like on the web for > higher capacity cells and you should be using the ones that have tabs on them > remeber a hot solder joint with the least amount of rosin core solder would be > the best for this job.


I have a Canon F-1 (not N) but I don't know much about it. It is my wife's camera and she used it with no problems up until 1995. Does anyone know if this camera has a built in light meter?


Yes it does have a light meter,battery operated,
to check it set the film speed to 100 and shutter to 2000,turn the dial under the rewind knob to C,look in the viewfinder and the match needle should go to the bottom blue mark,( also used for stopped down index)if it goes below then you kneed a new battery.
When you need to use the camera (light meter)turn the dial to ON,turn it off to conserve battery when not in use or between shots
Hope this help


Any one have any idea why the mirror of my F1n has started to operate very slowly at all speeds.


<font face="arial,helvetica"><font color="0077aa">Greetings to all.........I'm considering buying an FTb for my daughters first camera. Any thoughts or comments?


An excellent choice as an introduction to photography. Be aware of its weight and ergonomics; will it feel comfortable to your daughter, even after a long days shooting. Check out the personal reviews on PhotoSig; it gets an excellent review 96% and that's something! Have the camera checked out so as not to disappoint her on her first use.
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Thanks Michael.The weight of the camera is something my daughter will just have to get used to.<font face="arial,helvetica">