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Carl Zeiss lenses all from Germany



I am a new G1 owner - my wife (with help from her cousin) purchased the camera from B&H. Otherwise I would still be an exclusive SLR guy.
Question - the package came with the body, 35mm f2 lens, and flash. I noticed the lens was from Japan (I think) - is that OK? I had heard stories about Zeiss lenses from East Germany being of lower quality. I have just put my first roll of film through the camera and will be developing it today. Do I need to check the body and lens for some ID numbers etc? Thanks
Congrats for your new G1. I'm also an ex-reflex (Nikon) guy!.

Ok, Zeiss lenses for the G1 are all manufactured in Japan, but don't worr= y, all the calculations, instructions, specifications, quality control desig= n, etc, are from Zeiss in Oberkochen, Germany. See is as a trick for costing about the half it would cost if made enterely in Germany.

Regards from Oviedo, Spain, Luis Arg=FCelles
My Hologon 8/16 is made in Germany. All the other lenses I have are made in Japan:

the Hologon 8/16 have difficult lens system and Carl Zeiss Germany lens only other made in japan. The east germany zeiss never produced lenses for Contax G, but a rangfinder lens for Contax IIa and III a from Stuttgart West-Germany = 2,8/35mm Biometar, 3,5/50mm Tessar, 1,5/ 75mm Biotar,2,0/85mm Sonnar, and 135mm Sonnar, very fine lenses.
peter müller