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Cheap adapters are a waste of time


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Even if they focus correctly they get around poor design and finish by brute force - meaning that you're putting undue stresses on your expensive lenses each time you put a lens on or take it off.

I bought a Novoflex to hold my precious Zeiss glass to my Nex 7 and it works great. Having bought a cheap Leica adapter and a dozen issues I have just ordered the Novoflex Nex/Lem.

PS - the cheap one wouldn't focus on anything past 20-ft.

I'll be just as hard on the Novoflex if it doesn't come through.
Cheap adaptors

Yes, quality over quantity, that's what I tell my wife about the glass on her LH 3rd finger.
i am interested in your experiences. I am thinking about buying a sony nex 5n, panasonic G3 or the new Olympus m5D for my "old" glasses.
My setup
Contax 167MT Contax Aria
Tokina 3,5/17mm
Zeiss 2,8/28mm
Zeiss 1,7/50mm
Zeiss Makro 2,8/60mm C
Zeiss 2,8/135mm
Maginon 8,0/500mm, das Rohr
Tokina AT-X 3,5-4,5/28-85
Tokina SMZ/RMC 4,5/80-200

Would all my Zeiss-Lenses work with the adapter? What could be a matter?

Actually i am using most the Panasonic FX30 especially on tours and with my children.
It's a lot easier with digital for me. I don't have to go to the shop to get the pictures on CD. They are immidiatly on my notebook.

But i would be sorry for my cameras.
Perhaps you could suggest me a good way.

Sorry for my english
Hi Sandra

I am using the Zeiss c/y glass with a Novoflex adapter and a Sony Nex7.

The Z glass is a little heavy so I am experimenting with Leica M glass at least for travel situations.

I will probably still always have my Zeiss vario W/A zoom and a 50mm 1.4

I like close ups of objects and dark scenes. Here's some linen I took with NEX7 and Zeiss 85 1.2 - no matter what keep your Zeiss glass and make that the core of what you do.

I also have the 167mt and enjoy using it when I shoot film. I like it more than my m3/m6 when it comes to ease of use.



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