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Choice D2H or D1X



I have spent a lot of time, but can´t decide which of D2H or D1X there´s the best.

I have been reading both manual, but I would like to hear why you would select D1X or D2H without thinking of the price.

Just now where I´m thinking of changing my D1 I think it maybe maybe will be D1X even it´s more expensive than D2.

Please tell me your thoughts about ........
Kindly regards
If I were you, I would not choose either. I would wait until the Fuji S3 hits the market in the next couple of months. Unless you need the sports action modes of the D2H.
Hi Tom Maybe you are right, but for me it´s the question about which one of D2H or D1X are the best
Kindly regards

In my opinion (I own one) D2H has on many features much more to offer. Not just for sports. Technically more advanced. Not forgetting to mention the huge 2,5 " extremely clear lcd-screen compared to the tiny peepscreen on the D1x. You won't miss the single mp extra on the D1x. Surprised to hear that you read both manuals and not found out yourself.

The D2 body feels en works like a heavy machinegun. Battery consumption is very (except where VR's come in)low.

If you can spare the money for a D1X just hold your breath a few weeks, because very soon (september this year?) the D2x will double the D1x leaving it far behind.
Predictions are that it will carry more than 8 (even 15 has been mentioned) mps! There goes my D2h for that matter.

Charles Smink
Bjarne asked,
"for me it´s the question about which one of D2H or D1X are the best"

Which is best, an earthmover or a Formula One race car?

They are both motor powered four wheeled vehicles, but they too serve very different purposes.

The two cameras are probably both equal in quality, but serve entirely different purposes. You could use a D1X for sports shooting, but a D2H is infinitely better. You could put an earthmover on a race course, but it would come in last.

However, for building roads or general photography the opposite may be true.

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I don't know if anyone gave you the answer you were looking for but I'll give my reasons for getting the D2h. I did want a camera that had the speed to get the action shots for sports. I also wanted to start a studio and needed a camera that would take pictures that could be blown up to 8x 10 or slightly larger and still be tack sharp. After a lot of research into both the D1x and D2 I decided the D2 would cover more bases and with the new sensor they developed it would give me the quality and speed I was looking for. I got the D2h and it's great I would highly recommend it to anyone. I use it in the studio and it renders skin tones better than any other digital camera I've seen and shooting raw gives me all the control I need. For sports it's very fast and sharp. It gets the shot there too. I've been hearing all the rumors about Photokina and the new D2x but rumor about new nikon camera's have been floating around for years and these are nothing new. I would not wait for a ghost to come out. One thing Nikon did say I believe is it's too expensive to develop a full size sensor. I won't be looking for that soon. They will develop a camera like the D2x but I couln't wait and the D2h has been the best camera I could hope for and again I would recommended it to anyone. Hope this helps your decision.
I´m glad for all response. The reason why I ask for your choise is that here in Denmark the price of D1X is nearly the double of D2H. You are resding right.... D1X is the most expensive and many are saying the best.
I want to get the best for my nature and portrait pictures and I´m still in doubt, so please.....

Kindly regards
Hi again
I´m still thinking
Just now I´m using D1 (and F5) with following 24-35mm f 2.8, 50mm f 1.4, 60 mm f 2.8, 24-120mm VR 3.5-5.6 and 80-400mm VR f 4.5-5.6 the last two special for nature and I´m so glad for the support from Nikon.dk that I still will have Nikon. I´m also most thinking of getting D2H, but I can´t understand why D1X still is so much more expensive than D2H here in Denmark..........
I´m never (untill now) printing my picture larger than A4 format, but hope to get a new photoprinter for A3.
All in all I just now think I will look for D2H
Thanks for all comments
Kindly regards
I own a D1X and can say that the image quality is very good. I shoot mainly wildlife and nature but do on occasion shoot fast action sporting events at the professional level.
I have already placed a deposit on the new D2X and can't wait for it to come in!
I also shoot a D100 and each camera has its strong points as well as weak points. I can say without fail that I have enjoyed the performance of both the D1X & D100 for the work I do!