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Church at night...


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When it is difficult for me to find my sleep, I go for a walk around my house... and sometimes with my camera...

This time I tried the 1600 noisy myth... and came back with my sleep sure but also with a fine grained photo that I love :)

Hoping you'll love it also :)



  • 2009-06-14_first_nightshot.jpg
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no I left the noise as it is on the photo...
I figured that when doing a nightshot at high iso, the key with lightroom is to underexpose it to reduce blown highlights and unsaturating the picture (which is the opposite when doing high iso by day)...

I'll try to post a howto for this soon, by the way the noise stayed as it was... and surprisingly close to a tmax 3200 film....


Nice shot....did you use a timed exposure...5 to 15 secs would probably make an interesting shot...

I think the noise suits this photo...

Tony C.
well as for taking the photo, I was handheld... as I said I was not able at the moment to find my sleep so I had not taken my tripod... then when looking back to the shot, I was at 1600iso, full open aperture 4.0 if I am correct (dealing with the 17-70mmDC lens) and shooting time was about 4secs... you can imagine the number of shots I made to have this one correct being handheld and quite at time to sleep :p